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JumpStartWeb’s mission is to deliver the best performance and value in online advertising solutions while helping clients achieve “best of category” performance.

We’re a Google Premier partner, which means we have access to support, training and insight that our competitors don’t.

We’re a Victoria-based subsidiary of PlusROI Online Marketing Inc, a performance-driven marketing agency doing business across the US and Canada since 2007.

We’ve helped clients generate 10’s of millions of dollars in tracked revenues over the years and are a great choice if you want simple, practical advice & services!

JumpStartWeb is brought to you by PlusROI Online Marketing Inc:

If you want to “win” in your business category through advertising, we’re here to help. We’ll set up performance-based campaigns for you in Google, Facebook and other “pay per click” advertising platforms.

Whether you’re looking for sales, leads or brand awareness within your service area, we’re here to help. We offer dramatically more expertise than smaller companies and way higher levels of service and value than the big guys.

Need a straightforward, high performing website?

JumpStartWeb develops straightforward, strategic WordPress websites with all the performance and none of the fluff, giving you a great value.

If you need a more sophisticated site with advanced custom features, we can also support you through our parent company, PlusROI Online Marketing.

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