JumpStart Web is located in Victoria, British Columbia. We are a new division of PlusROI Online Marketing Inc. which was founded by Rob Cooper in 2007.

Working in PlusROI, Rob became painfully aware that there are very few options for web marketing help for smaller companies. There are lots of marketing agencies, but with their large overheads, smaller client engagements do not make a lot of sense (for the agencies or clients).

Conversely there are lots of freelancers and smaller marketing companies, but these typically lack the skills, experience and resources needed to lead effective strategic engagements.

As well, companies like Yellow Pages, ReachLocal and others have entered the online marketing services arena with small business offerings. These companies often do not offer the flexibility which most small businesses and startups desperately need.

JumpStart Web was built to serve the gaps left by these other types of businesses. We offer “best of industry” advertising to any sized company as well as super-effective websites.

JumpStart Web advertising and website clients are also able to access exclusive search engine optimization and consulting support.

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