Getting Website Traffic & Links for Your Website

It’s a wonderful feeling launching a new website. There’s celebration and then, sometimes, some disappointment as you realize that your site doesn’t actively drive business without doing some activities to build traffic & links.

With that in mind, here’s a list of things you can consider to get links to your site out there (which will help your prominence in Google) and drive traffic.


Various professional organizations are looking for news about their members to publish. If you belong to such an organization maybe they will share news of your new website launch (this is generally easier to get done if you have some insightful information or resources on your site in addition to sales material).

Google My Business

Google My Business has such huge prominence in Google Search that it’s typically the most important property to sign up for if you’re someone who does business locally.

In the US:

In Canada:

Other Directories

In addition to Google My Business there are tons of business directories out there depending on what type of business you have.

The one critical thing is to make sure to be consistent with your business name and details on each site.

Google Search Console

If you’re feeling geeky, you can manually add and verify your site directly with Google through Google Search Console. Here’s a great overview:

Getting Links to Your Site

If nobody is linking to your website then Google may not see it as a serious endeavour!

In a perfect world, folks will appreciate your business, site and content and link to it from their sites to help spread the word. This can take a lot of time though so here’s some ways to speed the process:

  • Suppliers. Your suppliers may we willing to link to your website – after all, it’s in their best interests.

  • Complementary Businesses. If you know people with complementary organizations they may we willing to link to your site if you have great content that their audience will appreciate.

  • Sponsored Organizations. If you’re sponsoring any organizations they will often link to your site.

  • Clients. Perhaps some clients will link to your website. If you have a blog or news section you can even post client profiles that would be attractive for them to link to.

Social Media

Aside from personally engaging in social media, it’s a great idea to set up:

  • A Facebook Page (although you’ll need to be active on this and build up an audience).

  • Linkedin Business Profile (it’s not critical to be active on your Linkedin Business profile so it’s a great idea to set one up for just about anyone).

    Note that on Linkedin you write articles under your own profile but you can then post them through your profile as well (and even promote them through their paid promotions).

Your Business Materials

Make sure your URL is prominently listed on all your materials:

  • Business Cards
  • Email Signature
  • Any other business collateral (posters, brochures, flyers, folders, etc)


Have you considered doing an educational event in your area of expertise? If this is something that makes sense for your business it can get you a lot of prominence in the community and online. Here are some resources to consider using.

  • Eventbrite
  • Facebook (Event page & promo)
  • Meetup
  • Local Event Listing Sites & Pages

Blogging & Content (with promotion)

The tried and true way of getting traffic to your site is to put fantastic, helpful content on it so that people will share it and link to it. This might be in the form of a blog, news section, how-to guide, informational pages or great downloads. Other folks will use platforms like YouTube or Linkedin articles to accomplish this.

A critical thing to keep in mind is that while you can share your info on your site and social media, you’ll definitely want to craft a plan to ensure lots of people are seeing it. You can do this “organically” if you build up a big social network or you can simply pay for promotion on platforms like Facebook, YouTube or Linkedin.


Of course you can always advertise your site and/or content! If you love data and tech stuff you can do this yourself. If you’re like most folk, whoever, you’ll probably want to get professional help to launch your Google, Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin ad.

Did We Miss Anything?

If so, contact us to let me know and we’ll add it to this list!

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