Google Search Advertising

Google Search Advertising

Our JumpStart Packages are the fastest way to get started with professionally created campaigns.

You benefit from our expertise in your industry. We’re currently waiving initial setup fees and you just pay as you go with our packages.

Multi-location companies may want to consider a Custom Package for more flexibility. Whatever you  choose, you’ll get great advertising based on the best practices we’ve developed for your industry.


JumpStart Bronze

$499 / mo

  • No Setup Charges
  • Free Initial Consultation
  • Upgrade at any time
  • Cancel at any time
  • Client Conversion Audit (suggestions for your site)
  • Competitor Conquest Guarantee*
  • Optional remarketing ads
  • Weekly Monitoring
  • Monthly Reports
  • Quarterly Optimization

JumpStart Silver

$799 / mo

All of the features of Bronze plus:
  • Monthly Optimization
  • Additional ads and more visitors
  • Optional Google Display (banner) ads on various websites.

JumpStart Gold

$1299 / mo

All the features of Silver plus:
  • Additional ads and more visitors
  • Custom Hosted Landing Page

JumpStart Platinum

$1500+ / mo

All the features of Gold plus:
  • Custom monthly budgets
  • Additional ads and more visitors (exact amount depends on budget)
  • Multiple Custom Hosted Landing Pages


from $2000

for setup + monthly mgmt fee & click charges


Google Search ads are virtually the only place you can capture clients at the exact moment they are searching for your type of service.

If you’re curious about exactly how Google Search ads work, download our guide or watch the video ****** Linked******

Maybe you should (we sure enjoy doing it!). If you love data, understand search advertising strategy, understand customer intent signals and have time to undertake days or weeks of training, it’s definitely a fun area to work in.
That said, Google rewards high performing campaigns with lower cost clicks. It’s likely that even if you devote 100 hours to learning Google ads that you will still likely get more customers per $ spent by using a qualified service provider like JumpStart Web!
Most agencies (including our parent company) are not structured in a way that they can efficiently serve small businesses. JumpStart Web has been built from the ground up to create a high performing advertising offering that provides great return on investment. In short, we’ve focused on building out high performing strategies for specific industries, making it faster and more cost effective to launch and manage your ads.
If you work in an industry that we don’t currently serve, let’s talk!
We can look at:
– referring you to our parent company (PlusROI Online Marketing)
– creating a custom package to serve your needs
– creating an offering for your industry. If you are in an industry we don’t serve but is a good fit, we may be willing to invest the time and money to launch an offering for your industry without charging you for the investment we need to do so…
The majority of the fees we are paid get paid directly to Google. To avoid fees associated with carrying, receivables and bad debts, we charge up front so we can offer the best value possible.
Our fees include a management fee. This management fee is based on a percentage of your overall spend and ranges from 15% to 45% (with larger packages paying less in management fee percentages). The management fees of our biggest competitor are 22% to 28% higher and the customers who have come to us from them have told us we provide much better service and performance. They also require a year long contract whereas with JumpStart Web you can cancel at any time.
Unlike competitors who lock you in for a year at a time, we feel if you’re not getting the value you want you should be able to leave any time! Also, many businesses have “seasonality” and if you’re in an annual contract you don’t have the option of increasing or decreasing your budget like you do with JumpStart Web.
Yes. If you are in a Custom engagement you have paid to own your account and can take it over or transfer it at any time. If you are in a JumpStart Package you can still take over or migrate your account although you would need to pay a buy-out fee equivalent to the setup charges that were waived at the time of the initial setup.

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