Law Firm Advertising

Law Firm Advertising

Looking For New Legal Clients?

We help law firms acquire all types of new clients.

Let’s start with a free client acquisition conference where we’ll discuss web strategies for your firm and even give you some helpful tips that you can use whether or not we end up working together!

A robust, healthy practice gets most of it’s new clients through referrals and reputation.

However, what if you want to reach people who may not know about you yet?

Google Search Ads:

  • Reach potential clients at the exact moment they are online looking for help
  • Reinforce your Brand marketing by getting you front and centre when your audience needs your services
  • Can protect you from rival firms who try to poach your clients in Search.

Google My Business

For Law Firms, Google My Business can be one of the single biggest factors in making sure you are prominent when people are searching for your kind of legal services in your local service areas.

Curious about how it works? Download our Google My Business – Guide For Law Firms.

We’re committed to educating our customers and helping them succeed in all areas of the web.

Questions? Just Ask!

We’ve got a decade of legal marketing experience and our founder was even retained as an expert witness in a BC Supreme Court case regarding Google presence (in a dispute between 2 law firms)!

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Google Advertising

If you have an ads budget, a well-executed Google Search campaign should likely be your first priority. Schedule a call and we can explore how they can work for your business.


Looking for a cost-effective website built from the ground up to get you more clients? We offer industry-specific site setup leveraging our years of experience in your industry.

Facebook Advertising

Looking to extend your reach onto Facebook and build local awareness of your business? We’ll help you refine strategic customer targets and get you rocking. Currently only available for existing JumpStart clients.

Search Engine Optimization

Get your business prominent in Google and Bing search engines. We’ll get your site SEO set up properly, make sure your off-site SEO is in place and give you a prescription for ongoing improvement. Currently only available for JumpStart website clients.

There’s no point doing marketing if it costs more than you make from it.

JumpStart Web has been built from the ground up to provide legal marketing services that are both effective and affordable.

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