Why Jumpstart Web?

  • No fluff! The best sites are simple – they communicate succinctly to your customers and make it easy to find what they’re after. Our streamlined sites work better yet often cost less than their bloated competitors!
  • Screaming fast. Customers simply won’t wait for sites to load these days. From advanced image optimization to super-fast hosting, JumpStart sites are built to be faster than your competitor’s sites.
  • Google loves our sites! We do extensive testing using Google’s own tools to ensure your site meets the performance benchmarks needed to win in today’s environment.
  • Mobile first. Searches on phones now happen more often than searches from computers and Google has announced plans to place even more emphasis on the mobile version of websites. With this in mind, we work with your mobile site in mind through every step of the process.
  • SEO-ready. While every web developer says their sites are optimized for Search, we’ve discovered this is rarely true. We have search engine optimization experience that includes working with some of the web’s leading brands and we apply this experience to even the smallest sites we build.

Our story

While the practice of website development has been around for over 20 years (our founder built his first website in 1995), the web development process is still one that often doesn’t make sense!

Most sites are built along the following process:

  1. The client finds a website company to work with.
  2. The client tells the website company how they want their website put together.
  3. The website company puts the site together according to the client’s instructions.

We do things a little differently. With JumpStartWeb:

  1. You tell us all about your customers and your business.
  2. We tell you how we should put your website together!
  3. Your website gets built by combining your customer knowledge with our knowledge of how to succeed on the web.

With 15 years experience of testing and improving websites to maximize their results, we feel the best approach is to learn all about your customers and your business goals and then to leverage our knowledge to your best benefit.

You still get tons of opportunity to add your personal flourish to the site and you get the benefit of our extensive experience by approaching things in this manner!

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